Los Angeles, October 19, 2017 - It’s official -- Larry Linkogle and Brian Deegan are back at the helm of the brand they formed nearly 20 years ago. Metal Mulisha's Holiday '17 line represents a return to the brand's core ideology -- friends and family united through a love of motorsports.


“We got our direction back,” says Deegan. “For the past few years, the brand has been a bit unfocused. Now with Larry and I back in charge, we knew that bringing it back to the core was the decision that needed to be made.”


“We started the Mulisha to be anti-corp and go against the system and I feel like it's gotten away from that a little bit. We’ve got a group of guys at the Compound everyday pushing their own limits -- competing with themselves, not each other,” Larry said, “and it's really feeling like a family atmosphere again. The Mulisha has always been about helping the underdog and the people that don’t already have it all."


The pair confirmed that while Metal Mulisha will continue to produce the clothing line, the focus will shift back to the Mulisha lifestyle.

Deegan summed it up, “Whether you race or just ride, Metal Mulisha has always been about having fun on a dirt bike. Now it’s expanding beyond that. It’s about all motorsports: bikes; cars; trucks. We’re back, and it’s metal everything this time. Wear the clothes because you love the lifestyle, not a clothing brand.”

Look for more announcements and events from Metal Mulisha in the coming months.

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