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Los Angeles, October 19, 2017 - It’s official -- Larry Linkogle and Brian Deegan are back at the helm of the brand they formed nearly 20 years ago. Metal Mulisha's Holiday '17 line represents a return to the brand's core ideology -- friends and family united through a love of motorsports.


“We got our direction back,” says Deegan. “For the past few years, the brand has been a bit unfocused. Now with Larry and I back in charge, we knew that bringing it back to the core was the decision that needed to be made.”


“We started the Mulisha to be anti-corp and go against the system and I feel like it's gotten away from that a little bit. We’ve got a group of guys at the Compound everyday pushing their own limits -- competing with themselves, not each other,” Larry said, “and it's really feeling like a family atmosphere again. The Mulisha has always been about helping the underdog and the people that don’t already have it all."


The pair confirmed that while Metal Mulisha will continue to produce the clothing line, the focus will shift back to the Mulisha lifestyle.

Deegan summed it up, “Whether you race or just ride, Metal Mulisha has always been about having fun on a dirt bike. Now it’s expanding beyond that. It’s about all motorsports: bikes; cars; trucks. We’re back, and it’s metal everything this time. Wear the clothes because you love the lifestyle, not a clothing brand.”

Look for more announcements and events from Metal Mulisha in the coming months.

Vulcinity Has Products For Everyone! July 08, 2017 12:48

Make sure to browse our inventory, we have Men's, Women's and Accessories for everyone!




Loungefly Has Joined the Vulcinity Family! June 14, 2016 19:34


Loungefly has joined the Vulcinity family! Vulcinity will now be stocking purses, backpacks, wallets and more from Loungefly. This will include prints from infamous and well known brands such as Disney, Hello Kitty, My Little Pony, Paul Frank, Crowded Teeth, Peanuts, Star Wars and more. With these as part of our collection we are now sure to have something for everyone. Gift shopping or shopping for yourself, you will not be disappointed!

Fox Racing Now In Stock October 17, 2014 12:10

Fox Racing Apparel now in stock and available for purchase at We are proud to bring you the best and the latest designs available in the motocross world from Fox Racing including hats, tank tops, shirts, beanies, hoodies, jackets and everything else. Check back often for new items added regularly. If there are any products that we do not carry feel free to contact us with suggestions.

Fox Racing Apparel Coming Soon! August 24, 2014 18:28

Fox Racing Apparel Coming Soon To Vulcinity


We are proud to announce that Fox Racing Apparel will be coming soon to Fox has been a leader in the Motocross industry for decades and we are proud to welcome them to our family! Keep an eye on our Fox Racing Page for product to be available for purchase soon!

Fox Racing first opened for business in 1974, when Geoff Fox, a Ph. D. who taught physics at the University of Santa Clara, launched Moto-X Fox, a tiny distribution business for European motocross parts and accessories in a 1,500-square foot building in Campbell, California. Within two years, Moto-X Fox was manufacturing high-performance suspension and engine components for racers looking for an on-track advantage. In the spring of 1977 Geoff was determined to show the American motocross public that his products were superior to those of the competition. He created his own privately-owned professional motocross team, Team Moto-X Fox. Going up against the might of the Japanese factory teams, Team Moto-X Fox riders became the top non-factory riders in the series, finishing fifth, sixth and seventh in the highly-competitive AMA 125cc National Championship series, thereby achieving Geoff's goal of proving that his handmade parts were the best that money could buy.

During the series, Team Moto-X Fox riders wore bright red, yellow and orange race outfits. Handmade by Fox, the clothing became an instant hit with the fans and interested enthusiasts started calling the Fox shop in Campbell inquiring about its availability. Over the course of the next few years Fox was completely reorganized to become a major player in the U.S. motocross apparel industry. In 1980, Fox rider Mark Barnett won the company's first National Championship, and two years later, Brad Lackey won Fox 's (and the United States') first World Motocross Championship. In the ensuing two-plus decades, Fox-sponsored riders have won over 40 National Motocross and Supercross Championships. In 2006 Fox rider Ricky Carmichael won the AMA Supercross Championship, while Lifelong Fox rider James Stewart won the FIM World Supercross Championship.

Today, Fox remains a family owned and operated business, with the second generation working full-time at the company. During the last three decades, Fox Racing has become an international leader in the youth lifestyle clothing market with its famous Fox Head logo seen worldwide. In doing so, the family has held steadfast to Geoff Fox's original goal of making the best motocross products money can buy. Constant research, development, and fine-tuning goes into Fox race apparel and performance gear. Through the guidance and feedback of Fox's championship-winning athletes, the company continues to lead the charge by utilizing the best technology and design talent available to enhance and optimize the quality, comfort and performance of all of its products. It is through lessons learned through relationships with the best athletes in the world that Fox will continue to create and offer the finest lines of apparel and clothing available today.

FMF Apparel Added To The Vulcinity Family June 28, 2014 19:12


Starting this week Vulcinity is proud to announce that we will be stocking Flying Machine Factory (FMF) apparel. Check out our FMF Racing Apparel page for available product!

Over the decades, we’ve seen an amazing transformation in the world of motorcycles and ATVs. The progression of the technology is one of the challenges that keeps us going. FMF was there in the days when the singleshock and watercooled engines were huge innovations and we’re glad to be here now for the aluminum chassis and electronic fuel injection. Our goal will never change - take the most advanced machinery to its limit by building the world’s best performing exhausts. And its a fact, we build every exhaust by hand from start to finish right here in the U.S.

At the end of the day, there is always one major force keeping us motivated–throwing a leg over the bike and heading for the trails or the track. The biggest reward for us is knowing we’re helping our customers get the most out of their riding experience. We still ride every chance we get so we never forget why we got into this business in the first place.


With FMF being so passionate about the sport anyone should be proud to wear the brand just as we are proud to represent it. Keep an eye on our store for all of the great clothing items to come out and be the first to get them!

Fatal Clothing Is Now In Stock June 07, 2014 11:48

Fatal Clothing Now In Stock now has Fatal Clothing in stock and ready for purchase, we are starting out small with the Fatal availability and will grow in time so please check back often to see new stock now only from this brand but also from the many other brands we proudly carry. Check out our Fatal Clothing page to see which products we have available!


We strive to be your one stop shop for all your favorite brands and styles of all types of clothing and accessories including board shorts, tees, bikinis, ear gauges, wallets, sandals and much much more!

Sullen Art Collective 2014 Spring Line Is Here! March 25, 2014 20:51

Sullen 2014 Spring Line Is Here!

Sullen's 2014 spring line is now up and running. Check out our large inventory of all of Sullen's artistic tattoo apparel in general, but really check out the new stuff because it always sells fast. We pride ourselves in being a clothing store that stocks the items that people want most and with the new stuff put out by the worlds best tattoo artists, these items are no different. From tees, to tops, to board shorts, no matter what it is, Sullen makes every item with ART in mind.

Spring Line of Famous SAS March 23, 2014 10:09

Famous Stars And Straps 2014 Spring Line



The 2014 Spring line for Famous Stars and Straps has been added and is available for purchase. Make sure you get the style and size that you want before they are gone, Summer line will be coming soon!

Metal Mulisha Coming Soon! March 04, 2014 19:08


History of Metal Mulisha


Brian Deegan started riding Motocross at the age of 8 years old. He rode thru high school and started riding in the nationals for Super Cross. He felt that Super Cross didn’t really fit his image. There were too many rules and they wanted him to act a specific way at races. Well, that just didn’t work for him. He decided that he would start a new sport so he got a couple buddies together and they started doing tricks in his backyard. Their whole goal was to just have fun and push the sport to the edge. They called their new sport Freestyle Motocross. Brian Deegan and Larry Linkogle were the founders of Metal Mulisha in 1999 and they were joined early on by Ronnie Faisst and Jeremy Stenberg. Metal Mulisha was known as group of rowdy guys who had a lot to prove and made a name for themselves with all their crazy antics. Destruction and mayhem was the reputation that Metal Mulisha riders had created for themselves. They were able to backup their reputation by winning events. With all their hard work and dedication to the sport, Freestyle Motocross isn’t seen as the black sheep of Motocross anymore but as a legitimate part of the Action Sport scene. What started off as a small group of riders getting together at Brian Deegan’s house enjoying what they do best has since turned into an international business expanding into the realm of clothing, accessories and motorcycle graphics. Metal Mulisha has 23 riders on their Moto Team and 4 fighters on their Fight Team.

“World Domination” is their motto and they have definitely dominated the Action Sport World. Metal Mulisha is more of a family than anything else. All the riders enjoy the thrill of competition but at the end of the day they just love to ride and sharing in each others victories.

Opening Order of Famous SAS Is Here! February 25, 2014 16:29


The long awaited opening order of Famous Stars and Straps has arrived and is now available in store. Famous SAS has been a clothing line loved by many since 1999. Founded by arguably one of the worlds best drummers from Blink 182, Travis Barker, and represented by Jeremy Stenberg, AKA "Twitch", Famous has been sought after by music and motocross lovers alike. No matter what styles you like or what past time you love, the Famous Family is for you.

Opening Order Of Young And Reckless Is Here! January 27, 2014 18:45

Mens Young And Reckless In Stock Now!


Our opening order of Young and Reckless has arrived and is now available for purchase! Get some of the 2014 styles as seen on Rob Dyrdek's show Fantasy Factory. Supplies are limited so get yours while we have it. Many styles including womens will be coming soon.