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The Story Behind Charlie Mullins

FMF KTM Factory rider Charlie Mullins has announced his retirement from professional motorcycle racing, This is due to his 2014 wrist injuries not healing in a manner that would allow him to compete safely.

A former GNCC and National Enduro Series Champion, Mullins had attempted to make a comeback from his injuries for two years. He had endured six surgeries, and spend countless hours in the gym, but his wrists never returned to the stability and flexibility needed to compete at a professional level.

The extent of Mullins injuries were a perilunate dislocation and torn ligaments in his right wrist, along with a scaphoid fracture in his left wrist.

Mullins managed to come back at the end of the 2014 season. In the SIDE event he helped Team USA finish in second place, Afterwards doctors found that the screw in his wrist left wrist was broken. Fusion surgery was eventually performed on both wrists.

Mullins sat out the entire 2015 season. He took part in five pain-filled 2016 races. Complications with his wrists continued. Doctors determined his wrists would not allow Mullins to compete any further.

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