Should You Build a Dirtbike Track?

Every dirt bike enthusiast dreams of the day they can build a track. Whether that happens or not, is a different story. It takes time and space, which can be quite the investment. While track hunting can be thrilling in and of itself, it is nice to have your own place to be. Especially for those days when you want to stay close and clear your mind.

It is important to consider the location, the levels of the land, and safety. While we all seek the adventures and thrills that come with this hobby, it is important that we can do it for as long as we can. It seems like common sense, but think about whether there are rocks and tree roots that commonly pop up. A lot of riders find themselves in the hospital for overlooking them or feeling like they will be able to avoid them. That is not often the case.

To protect your bike and yourself from the elements, one must look into how well the land drains from rainfall. It can cause quite the distraction. Be considerate of those that live around you. Noise complaints and other issues from neighbors are more trouble than they are worth when it comes down to it.

It sounds like a lot of rules, rules we don't love to follow. But, it makes the process worth it when you're blazing along the track with not a worry in your mind. Just make sure that you remember your track should be in line with your level of experience.

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