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Skin Industries is one of the leading clothing lines for the X-Games. Their support in extreme sports makes them popular amongst a very large crowd. Skin has a team of athletes in so many different sports including boxing, motocross, freestyle motocross, skating, BMX, snowboarding, kickboxing, wake boarding, skiing, surfing, and more. Not only does Skin Industries specialize in clothing, but they also specialize in graphic kits for dirt bikes. The CEO of the company, Al Borda, not only designs most of the clothing himself, but you will rarely see a big extreme sports event without him being there in the pits supporting his team.
On top of hitting a home run with his choice to go after extreme sports apparel, Al Borda also targets the "Sexy Category". What I mean by the "Sexy Category" is that the Skin Industries logo (as seen above) has the silhouette of a topless girl and its slogan is "Show Some". This is not where it stops though, Skin is also world known for the sexy models and bikini girls that advertise the clothing lines. Never heard this? Just do a Google image search of Skin Industries and you will be flooded with silhouettes of half naked women and pictures of sexy women in bikinis.
So, what are you waiting for? Go shop our catalog and pick out your own Skin Industries clothing to wear!

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