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As a tattoo collector myself, I love the Sullen Art Collective brand of clothing. I love the tattoo designs that Sullen has on their clothing and I also love their line of Backpacks and tattoo supply cases known as their "Blaq Paq". The great thing about Sullen is that they have some of the best and well known tattoo artists all over the world as part of the Sullen Family. As members of the Sullen Family these artists design shirts to be printed by Sullen, for Sullen.
Because of Sullen having so many versatile artists with so many different styles, this makes their styles have a huge range between them. Although pretty much anything made by Sullen is tattoo related, they also have items with a softer side to them. Because of this you can buy items from the darker side or the lighter side. With styles including skulls, roses, women, angels, wings, badges, skeletons, and much more, you are always able to find something you like when browsing through Sullen inventory. This is because Sullen is not just created for the tattoo lover but for the art lover. With this being said I would like to say that all Sullen designs are made by artists, for artists!
To check out our Sullen inventory just click here and start shopping!

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