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History of Metal Mulisha


Brian Deegan started riding Motocross at the age of 8 years old. He rode thru high school and started riding in the nationals for Super Cross. He felt that Super Cross didn’t really fit his image. There were too many rules and they wanted him to act a specific way at races. Well, that just didn’t work for him. He decided that he would start a new sport so he got a couple buddies together and they started doing tricks in his backyard. Their whole goal was to just have fun and push the sport to the edge. They called their new sport Freestyle Motocross. Brian Deegan and Larry Linkogle were the founders of Metal Mulisha in 1999 and they were joined early on by Ronnie Faisst and Jeremy Stenberg. Metal Mulisha was known as group of rowdy guys who had a lot to prove and made a name for themselves with all their crazy antics. Destruction and mayhem was the reputation that Metal Mulisha riders had created for themselves. They were able to backup their reputation by winning events. With all their hard work and dedication to the sport, Freestyle Motocross isn’t seen as the black sheep of Motocross anymore but as a legitimate part of the Action Sport scene. What started off as a small group of riders getting together at Brian Deegan’s house enjoying what they do best has since turned into an international business expanding into the realm of clothing, accessories and motorcycle graphics. Metal Mulisha has 23 riders on their Moto Team and 4 fighters on their Fight Team.

“World Domination” is their motto and they have definitely dominated the Action Sport World. Metal Mulisha is more of a family than anything else. All the riders enjoy the thrill of competition but at the end of the day they just love to ride and sharing in each others victories.

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